Be Awake – It’s Time for Change by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper

Those who see the change are people of all calibre. Personal finance has nothing to do with the inevitable. All walks of life are awakening to the call of nature and what it is we are meant to do as individuals to meet as ‘one.’ To hold hands, touch, hug, smile. ‘Connect in reality.’ To slow down enough that we can pick up a white feather or a copper penny. Find magic. Awaken our child within.

Make a wish… you’re ready. Be a wish, you can…

We are guided by our own instincts and that of love. Find the quiet people, listen to them. They may speak more wisely than the loudest mouths.

For around us we will see cheats and fakes that become more vivid than ever, guised as internet heroes and advocates, brought together with a combination of greed, ego and obsessive/irrational – maniacal behaviour.

People who sit…

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