Turmeric and Lemon Fizz Cocktail (non – alcoholic)

Turmeric is said to have many health benefits to include detoxification and a boost to our immune system.

Plus ginger is great for fighting off bugs and aids our digestive system.

When I stopped drinking wine I created a few drinks that have a similar bitter buzz to the palate. So I guess this is an alcohol free cocktail with a punch!

It doesn’t look too appetizing but it tastes great if you like something with a kick and it’s good for you too  …

You will need:-

  • half teaspoon turmeric

  • half teaspoon ginger

  • juice of one lemon or half a lime

  • about half a cup of apple juice

Thoroughly blend all of the above ingredients, pour over ice and then top up with sparkling water (or still if you prefer.) There’s enough concentrate to make two drinks. You can also finish with a couple of mint leaves if they’re in season.

Let me know what you think!

Tiffany Belle Harper.

Love Belleva


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