gallery The Golden Harmony: Aurea Mediocritas

Take time to absorb this information if you are working for the good. Let us know what you think? Love Belleva. X


It’s almost the end of Scorpio season. Time to analyze. A major cycle has ended. The next phase has begun.

At the culmination of chaos there is always a pause. Just as at the end of every trial comes conclusion and from calamity peace ensues. With the cycle wrapping up, death having struck, life rises anew.

Psychic Jay Victoria

See the truth. It is setting us free. Love is the only thing worth fighting for now. Love is all that remains. The material world is over. Out of balance. Off sync. Loving things instead of people is misguided. Misalignment. Calling the cosmic chiropractor. Ding Ding.

Decisions, dilemmas. What you will serve? What will you feed? Ego or Greed? Material Focus vs Energetic EYE. Silence howls the loudest. Choices choices. Pins drop. Wolves circling the camp. Devoured.

Shrouded in nonspiritual materials while attempting to levitate. Puddled in shame. Failure. A lick of paint. A touch of leaf…

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