gallery Death, sweet death

Another powerful manuscript by this insightful author.


It’s time to let go. Today Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron, who is still opposing Jupiter in Virgo. Mercury dances into the void with the Sun in the last critical degrees of Scorpio. It’s almost Sagittarius season. We rush to assimilate the lessons learned under Scorpio’s rule. Sagittarius does not wait. Lighten the load. Sometimes things need to die. Occasionally it’s people. Other times it’s behaviors. Karmic skin shedding.

Programming. We’re so self loathing and hateful. How can we expect others to love us? We’re so busy judging everything down to each exacting detail. Demanding and leaving little room for error. Internalized or externalized. Depends on our fixations, lunation and current emotional station. giphy-53

Isn’t it time for change? Don’t you feel your skeleton aching from carrying the load? Even our teeth hurt. The entire ocean bears down on us. You can choose to breathe underwater. There’s no need to hold out, waiting for…

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