Mastering the Art

Another beautiful piece, from a truthful, open heart. Sex is sacred, it is making love and does not necessarily have to involve nudity. It is a transmission between two flames that love unconditionally. Love is Everything. We should honour and respect our bodies until we find a connection that comes with first soul. Good things come to those who wait.

Théâtre de l'Amour

  •  ” The Art of living our Sexuality with a Spiritual understanding ” 
  •  ” The Art of being Spiritual as sexual Beings “
  •  ” Expressing Art with a sexual Awareness rooted in Spirituality ”  

 What if we would penetrate and receive each other with the knowledge of who we really are ? What if every woman would be aware of Men’s wounded heart and the relief and healing her breasts and womb can give ? What if each Man would be aware of his magic sword that has the ability to transform Women’s tension into a vibration of peace ? What is the use of  a sexual relationship if it does not reveal the beauty of our spiritual Self ? An embodiment of divine authority , fearlessness and wisdom , for both parties. What if we would be aware that we are sexual beings , that this is the…

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