Beetroot Patties/Cakes – Healthy Recipe for Winter

Beetroot is so very good for us. Great for detox, immune system and general well being. Fab recipe here, must try! Let us know what you think? Love Belleva x

My payday is tomorrow, and let’s face it ,I am looking for a budget option.

I love beetroot but cooking time and the colour damage, sometimes can put you off.

This recipe is quite simple, definitely affordable and very tasty, and of course vegetarian.


Beetroot-3 medium

Semolina- 2/3 cup

Eggs-2 medium

Garlic powder- 1 teaspoon

Ginger ground- 1 teaspoon

Salt, pepper

Flour – 1 cup



Grate beetroot

Add semolina and let it absorb the juices  for 15 minutes.

Mix in the rest of ingredients.

Form a pattie, coat it in a flour and cook in a frying pan. Heat the oil to high, brown patties from both sides, then reduce the heat, cover and cook till no juice running out if you make a cut in a middle. Should take around 15 minutes. Turn it over every 4 minutes or so.

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