Without a photograph how do you remember and how do you prove you were there

Thoughtful, inspirational, nostalgic … Without a photograph. Love Belleva x


Life, once you are twenty, appears to speed on by. Before that age, each day takes forever while eagerly awaiting the arrival of holidays and birthdays. The perception of time ebbs and flows with the passing of time.

We make lists of places to go, see and experience before our time on this earth ends.  We travel taking in the sights believing each place and each moment is something we will remember forever. However, how many times have you looked over old photos to only be reminded of a sight or a moment that you had completely forgotten about? I am sure it happens all the time. Memories are fickle. We only have a certain amount of memory space, just like a computer.  Photos exist as a way to enhance our brain’s memory capacity.

Look what happened in the George Zimmerman case today. Yes, I had the day off and I succumbed…

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