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A cosmic circle within the eye of the Universe. Humanity. Merely germs within cells. Some assassins and some healers. All of us held within this kinetic environment. What is the status? Static or dynamic? Are you in motion? The wheel is moving, with or without you. Within and without you. Pay attention. Spotlight on.

We’ve definitely enjoyed the ride. Learning to be human has sure been a wild experience. But most of us are ready to get home. Hermes bringing our messages one by one. They wear winged sneakers. Whispers in the wind. Neutral players. Angels. Flickers and nuances passing in silence. They offer up keys to the kingdom. We want it so badly. Ever chasing the goal. Missing it each time.

Hermes. Mercury. Those under the employment therein. They speak in numbers, media, plants, beasts and electricity. Messages intwined in bits of paper, passing conversations, run-in’s and your slot machine of news feed…

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