The Benefits of Salt

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Salt can get a pretty bad rap, as eating too much of it can have damaging effects on our health.

A high intake can cause high blood pressure, osteoporosis and stomach cancer. Despite this, there are positive effects of different types of salt, when used and ingested in certain ways.

Yesterday afternoon, after a long day of work I took myself to the beach for a swim. As I submerged myself in the saltwater there was an instant feeling of relief.

My muscles became more relaxed and my head, clearer. This feeling of calmness and clarity made me want to better understand the benefits of salt.

At home I have a Himalayan rock salt lamp that I switch on every night before bed. These lamps are known as ‘Vitamins of The Air’ and have multiple health benefits including enhancing immunity, improving sleep, relieving migraines and relieving asthma.


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