The Littlest Princess

Melted reading this little poem by Jodine Derena Butler. Loving all the children is the way to peace… Love Belleva x

Poetry Out West


She brings joy in little effervescent bubbles of fizz.

Tickling our hearts.

We fall about the place; laughter spontaneously combusts into a heap on the floor.

Heaven’s above!

Our stomach crunches burn. Her light beams ear to ear. Spreading over a meadow of wild flower’s.

Do you think she knows?

We know. Her happy heart runs and jumps. Arms wide open. A glory to behold.

Pure love.

© Copyright 2015, Jodine Derena Butler.  All Rights Reserved

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  1. Could you please add my author name Jodine Derena Butler in the public notice ti on (as you have others), and link? I would really appreciate this. You are the first person to reblog one of my poems. Thank you Jx

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