The Myth of Adam and Eve

Enjoyed this genuinely loving view within the parables of the bible. Love Belleva. X


“Many of you believe God’s creation included the fall from paradise as described in the biblical story of Adam and Eve and in the creation stories of many cultures and religions. When you accept this, even in non-literal terms, as the story of the separation, you accept separation itself. This story is, rather than a story of an actual event, a story that describes the problem. It is but the story of perception’s birth. And your perception of the fall makes of the fall a curse. This interpretation would be inconsistent, however, with a benevolent God and a benevolent universe. This interpretation accepts that separation can occur. It cannot. Belief in the fall is belief in the impossible.” (ACOL, C:18.1)

We cannot actually separate from God, for we are part of Him. He is the All of All, as we are, in a metaphorical sense. The story of the fall…

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