We Are One by Amanda Popely

“It feels a good time to be putting these words/vibrations out in the now moment of time”. (Feel through your hearts as you connect to the words.) Amanda. x

Connectingg as one, Creating as one
We are who we are because of who we have been
We collect our memories of years gone, Our source, Our being, Our life
We plant the seedlings of all that we need , We create our future with trust and belief

Our memories of our past are left to go, We are love, we are life, we are one


The Beauty of life from within, Creating and weaving our patterns to begin
Moving forward with ease and grace, We are all as one, Creating and being as one

As life unfolds for us all to see, Our memories of past fade forever into light

Our universe holds the future – Our Future – Our Creation
We embrace all that is. We trust and allow

We are the mountains of the universe, weaving our energy throughout eons gone by

We are the future, We are the light, Who we are, where we have been, brings us to this point in time

Who we are now is our truth, our being ,our light, our essence

We enter into the abyss, Centering our-self, becoming our-self, A beam of light, A Spark, A Love

We feel it in our hearts, we move from our centre of being, The heart expands, We love we create

Our minds connect, We love, We create, Our circling of light, Within our centre of our being

We are eternal we are strong, we are the light of truth and love

Believe who we are,
Believe and it will be so
Trust in who we are,
Trust in all we are
We are all as one
We are all love.


Artwork and words by therapist and healer – Amanda Popely


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