Death Hurts to be Reborn for the Spring by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper

A quick blog … I’ve a long drive today. Not been too vocal here or social web.

I’ve not been well. It’s cyclical. Each year I get the same ailments. I’ve been more sensible this time and liaised with my GP. She is also a client of mine, having reiki and massage with me on a monthly basis. I want to be well as I’ve so much to do for 2016. I’ve made personal pledges and goals.

Spiritual people have a hard time in mainstream. Once we step away from the comfort of the like-minded we are open to negativity, doubt, rivalry,malice and all of the weaker aspects of mankind inflicted upon our burden to heal.

The awake are brave to venture from their comfort zones. Yet like the Buddhist pilgrims, we have news to share. Like the prophets of time we have to face the rabble in its worst…

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