Are Your Winter Ailments Cyclical? #Vitamins #Health #Wellbeing by Tiffany Belle Harper

Read up about your Vitamin D levels and winter blues …

Tiffany Belle Harper

Are your ailments cyclical? Sometimes we are so busy we fail to see that our general well-being holds a pattern within us. Instead we grab some pain killers or skip a day from work hoping it will pass. But natural pain is telling us that we need to pay closer attention to our inner harmony.
When I say ‘natural’ I mean a pain that is not self inflicted. This is when we resort to self-remedy or visit our GP.

During the darker months we are more prone to Vitamin D deficiency. By simply visiting your GP you are able to have your blood tested to see if your D levels are normal, or whether you need a supplement?

Vitamin D is best absorbed with plenty of natural daylight and recent studies show that over protective parents who wrap their children’s skin up against sunlight, may actually be doing more harm…

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