Irio. Kenyan Cuisine. Potato, corn and peas

Quick, cost effective – healthy, hearty recipe here!

As i mentioned earlier, i used to live in Kenya, and in lot’s of gatherings this dish was served. I really liked it, especially, the fact, that everyone cooks it differently. This dish originally comes from a Kikuyu tribe in Kenya, but the it’s popular all over the country.

And of course (as i can’t help it) i am presenting you, my interpretation, with basic traditions intact.

Three ingredients, that are in a dish are constant, potatoes, peas, corn. Variations could be fresh, frozen, dried. I am also adding fried onion and spices, as i love spices.


Potatoes- 2 kg, washed, peeled, cut in quarters.

Peas(frozen)- 200 g

Corn(frozen)-200 g

Onions- 2 medium, diced

Turmeric, black pepper, salt.

Oil, butter.


Boil potatoes, half way through cooking add peas and boil until soft.

In a separate pan boil corn till soft, drain, keep aside.

Heat an oil/butter (50/50) in…

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