Sand Dogs and Harrods by Tiffany Belle Harper

Less is More

So there I sat beneath the comfort of canopy to the exterior of a rather fancy coffee shop. The cakes almost a fiver. The price to pay for Harrods  adjacent view. I drank coffee as the world paced before me. People peeping – that’s me ‘fly on the wall – a favourite past time.


All types, religions, ethnicities – a mixed bunch of spenders. Many wearing real fur coats. Opulently ignorant people, oblivious of the pain and suffering for their fat wallets and plastic finance.

I chatted with four women from Dubai. They wore pastel shaded, chiffon scarves around their faces. All were charming. Their eyes sparkled with assurity their lives comfortable and life styles radiant. We exchanged numbers. They shared the same husband.

A while later a Chinese couple asked me to take a photograph to send to their son who lived in Milan. Telling me ‘they were to…

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