Sacred Geometry and my Attention Deficit Disorder by Tiffany Belle Harper

The Nester©

A few weeks ago during meditation I would start doodling with my photography. Creating patterns and shapes using the beautiful colours of nature. I was not sure what it was? As I use mandalas sometimes to channel I assumed I was creating the same.

Recently I visited a spiritual teacher from Tibet that does not want to be mentioned by name. ( Many pilgrims of The Divine are choosing to work away from media …)  The teacher told me I was crafting sacred geometry.

The picture below originally was a photo of the night sky taken from my tent.


I believe this to be the case as I communicate best with nature, colour and sound.

I have A.D.D. where I cannot concentrate and to be honest I prefer to watch children’s movies and read cartoons that grown up stuff. This is due to the colour and sound within them.


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