David Bowie – A Legend of our Time #Infinite Love from Belleva and team

When fame becomes legend, those who shone brightest are remembered for what they were best at. What they did to change the world for the better. Many folk live legendary lives yet leave their skin and bones to perish unnoticed. But in the eyes of angels we are all leaving our blue prints.

We send our thoughts to the astounding David Bowie and all he leaves for us to enjoy – ‘music’ and his music will always play on. His music being infinite. His creative genius and flair I believe will re-invigorate the fashion industry as we know it over the next coming year or two!

The world indeed once blessed and graced with this man of passion, craft and beauty in all that he manifested in art form for the people. ‘All of the people …’ A man of little ego with no obvious desire for greed or gratitude unlike many ‘well knowns’ on social platforms. He had no need to validate his talent. Music and craft spoke on his behalf. His work continues on higher realms, for that we can be sure.


Belleva and co.

By Tiffany Belle Harper.



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