gallery New Moon in Capricorn by AstroSync


Dark Moon in Capricorn. Devil card comes into play. Do what you will. Kicking destructive chains to the curb. Rising renewed. Death to yourself in all the best ways.

As Mercury dusts the broom backwards into Capricorn 29, we’ll travel through the little fox. Oh the Anser. It’s just inside your field of vision. Tall tails are told. Shenanigans about this retrograde should be all fun and games. Keep it light. Play the fox. Be sly. But beware of foolishness.

Foxes represent falsety. Faux pas, a charade. Like faux news network. Full of fallacy. False words. Don’t chase your own tail. If you are steadfast and able to SEE you have nothing to fear.

Carrying out the art you fuel into form of flesh. Tangible reality. Money is on it’s way. Living the dream in order to say My art is actually going mean something. Say it with conviction. Let yourself feel free.

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