What you Give is what you Get ‘Feature’ by Unknown is an Ocean


Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

We have heard wise persons saying ‘What you think is what you become’, ‘Think good, Do good and Be good’. But why, whats the reasoning behind it?

Every action, either physical, emotional or mental, every movement occurring either on the plane of gross matter or on the astral planes, causes an emission of Energy. In other words, it produces a Seed. Being a Seed, it fructifies or does not fructify immediately after it is sown. The innumerable Seeds we produce by our various actions – desire, aversion, love, hatred, happiness, etc. will undoubtedly produce, sooner or later, a positive or negative result according to the nature of the seed, if not in this life, then in some future one.

This is very simple and basic law of universe. This same has expressed across many generations in many perspectives. Here are a few…

Spirituality/Religion – Karma, the law of cause and…

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