Thanks to The People of Belleva Worldwide …

Hi,Tiffany here- founder of Belleva Worldwide and BellEvaUK. Those that have been around me online, workshops, friends and family (and new friends on WordPress), may know I love to make little videos to inspire. Here’s something I created with some posters and words sent during 2015 for various projects.


I sincerely hope 2016 is allowing you to learn and grow into this dynamic ascension taking place. I’m sending hope and optimism for all your aspirations.

Friendship is so important. Choose wisely – Less is more and never forget that love has to start with self. Truly love who you are -the rest will follow. It starts with eradicating the stuff around us, that does us no good and never will.

I’ve had a family matter to take care of but I am loving the community that is organically developing via this platform.

It is a personal goal to work with like minded people, of all walks of life, here at Belleva and elsewhere. Initially, as a part time hobby for me and my volunteers. Where you all have an opportunity to be heard by emotionally intelligent people who ‘sincerely’ want to listen.

Life is too short to rely on the fake wall of mainstream media that dictates too many restrictions. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. The best artists I ever come across, are seldom found by idle hands pressing remote controls for shit home viewing. Nor are they power struck with depressing platforms such as Twitter. And, goodness me … Instagram. A culture of brain dead narcissists who deem themselves mainly orange in colour with big white teeth!

Stay blogging in the name of salvation. Do not be reduced to a selfie stick!

Like I will always say, ‘less is more …’

I do feel somewhat frustrated that I cannot push ahead any faster with my goals, with the chi, but this is something that I currently have no control over. Like nature, we sometimes have to put our trust in to the cyclical process of evolvement. Linear does nothing for me anyway …

March is not too far away, patience is my virtue. I shall still be sharing my features, so keep tuned. Keep the email coming too!


Love, Tiffy (on behalf of Belleva).

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