Make a Wish at The Holy Well #Southam by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper

Taking time out, walked to The Holy Well in Southam. Refreshingly cold as the sun shared the day. It runs adjacently (parallel) to the rear of my family’s home in Warwickshire.

holywell 003.JPG

Just as I arrived at the gothic folly, ‘Amanda’ my beautiful friend called, so I told her to make a wish.


I took a small stone from the water as Amanda made a sacred silent thought. She’s a spiritual artist and healer on her own journey and I’m so proud of her.  Then I tossed the pebble into the well.

holywell 022.JPG

The Holy Well is rumoured to be  part of the Holy Grail phenomenon. I really don’t know too much about the mystical history of this but it’s something for the future.


I use the water for aches and pains, I drink it too. The UK is full of natural springs and it’s worth finding out where your nearest one…

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