Trees – the magic of how essential oils work in our bodies by Essential Oils and You #Feature

Natural remedies make so much sense!

Essential Oils and You

Christmas wreath

One of the many things I love about essential oils is how the effect on our body is connected to the plant itself and that plants action in life. Trees produce oxygen by their mode of respiration which supports us with our respiration, so, it seems natural for the essential oil to support conditions that affect our respiratory system, like colds and coughs. When you breath in essential oils you can feel an affect on your body straight away, and this is very prominent with tree oils such as eucalyptus and pine. You can feel them cleaning and clearing as they pass from the tip of your nose  deep down into your lungs, I feel my chest expand, even my posture changes.and I will naturally be more open and stand taller – just like a tree. Everything is connected so it goes beyond the respiratory system, but it’s a good example of feeling…

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