Monthly forecast February 2016, what we can expect this month, and what January had in store for us. 

In numerology, the month of February sees itself as being a number, quite in our favour! The number 2 is actually very similar to the master number 11, + denotes co-operation on all levels, assimilation of opposites + the harmonious integration of different spectacles of ourselves.I can safely say that I have both felt, & heard the struggle of my empaths from the month of January & I am here to confirm that you should expect to experience a smoothing out of energies + emotions during this February period.

January started out extremely heavy energetically, so it is no surprise that many of us experienced intense emotions + feelings to do with being unaccomplished, being financially insecure, + lacking vision of the future.

This is to be expected. If you found yourself being a workaholic during the month of January, or being met with frustration about your career status, then…

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