“DAZZLEMENT” #Poetry by Ellie Belfiglio

Ellie belfiglio


Looking at indigo sea with dazzlement;

A dead sea that is unmoving, eternal, and content!

No breeze or wave bring the sea to dance.

No wind or storm make it breathe or relax.

Eternal, indigo, heavy sky hanging low,

Like a blanket covers it row after row!

Awestruck I am to look at this sea,

No sail of a boat, wing of a bird, or shade of a tree.

On these layers and layers of silvery overly-

Which blanket of sky covers it and unlay!

To a funeral the absent sun sends its rays,

And like an indigo net, moon is in daze!


Stars, countless, leave half open their eyes;

And look at sea, look at world, or skies.

Oh, how admired am I with this affluent-

Of water which fills the sea, what a confluent!

Or perhaps water falls from mountains’s dirt;

Or it boils down from depth of…

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