‘Muddy Paws’ by Tiffany Belle Harper #Poem #Video

Thank you Jeremy

‘What are doing?’ he said

 She told him ‘I’m picking up stones to put in the house’ 

He smiled, took a breath, then asked ‘aren’t they meant to be outside?’

‘Why can’t outside be inside too, like love. Everything has value no matter where it is’ she softly spoke,

Then she took his face with her muddy paws, still holding the stones and rubbed her nose against his.

She said ‘I love playing noses with you!’

He took nature from her hands then wrapped them in his scarf.

‘What shall you do with them now?’ She asked.

‘Treasure and keep them warm, til we get home’ he told her.

A house full of stones, shells and feathers became their love nest.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

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