‘Forgiveness’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper

Forgiveness is an act that works both emotionally ‘within’ and productively in our outer world. Carrying around anger is a destructive cycle. I admit to being a victim of my own resentment at intervals in my life.

When hostility manifests itself, it usually derives from a misunderstanding somewhere, that was not nipped in the bud during early stages. We often overlook these signs and actions, or cultivate the rivalry to grow further.

This can be because we become emotionally attached to the situation and one or both parties start to engage in negative battles. Yet if we are able to find constructive ways to adopt during our relationships with others, we can then build healthy bridges that could improve our life experiences as friends and/or teams  … however we are connected.

We do have to accept in life, we simply cannot get on with everybody. We’re all a mixed bunch…

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