‘The Open Mind see’s Magic’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Less is More

All around us we have synchronicities – signs, symbols, colours that connect with our inner self. It really is quite amazing when we tap into this and start to discover that many of the answers we seek from others, indeed lie within our own ‘self.’ This is something that fascinates me.

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time speaking with my eldest son. His name is Ashley and we do clash from time to time, because we’re so very similar. We’re both quite strong minded, yet deeply sensitive. Ashley recently bought a pub in Leamington Spa and turned it back into a house. It’s the old part of town with plenty of history. I love to visit and sometimes we talk for hours about life consciousness, conspiracies and on’…

My son always says he’s not a conspiracist, but more of a sceptic and is fascinated by history, politics and…

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