Eclipse Horror Scopes by Featured Astrologer ‘AstroSync’


Offer good until next week sometime TBD.

Aries | Whoa are you busy. Things are happening like OMFG so fast! Like woosh woosh woosh. I mean TBH.. It’s basically ideal for you. No commitments like IDGAF. No one has time to even type right now. Abbreviate. NP! G2G! B4N! Like, TBH just because you started something doesn’t mean it has to be extreme. You are not required to dive head first all the time. Just most of it. This event for you RAM IT UP is about balancing your drive with your ability to give a shit. Give a shit about other people a little more. And your health too.

Taurus | The worst thing that could even happen to you has happened. Most people call it change. But bully, you probably call it Armageddon. On the eve of next weekend hopefully you’ll feel relieved. Until then. Just take a breath. It’s not a panic attack after…

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