video Ancient Knowledge #Video #Consciousness #SpiritualScience

Tiffany Belle Harper

I must share this video with you.  It’s hugely educational. Very long so please watch in parts if that works better for you. I am dismayed that such education is not taught to the young.

We are vastly misunderstood. And I fear becoming increasingly misled with a science that can run too fast. But there are scientists who work and understand consciousness. Spiritual science knows that we must first go back to move forward. I don’t know how I know, I don’t question it. We should never doubt our intuition, as it works outside the sensories. But Atlantis is the missing link in our ancestry. The first UK point above water being Avalon in Glastonbury. We should not sneer at folk lore or myth. We are born with a knowledge we can tap in to. Especially with our flames.

We don’t need to remember what we find or be articulate in…

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