‘Seize the Golden Egg’ Feature by MiddleMe


Last week, I had the chance to travel out of Malaysia to Austria for the summer and with the 13 hours flight route, I had my chance to catch some movies that I had missed. One of the movies that I have enjoyed during the long haul is Annie. It’s one of the songs “Opportunity” that struck a chord in me and its my current inspiring song. If you haven’t caught the song before, you can hear it here.

Opportunities are all around us, it’s whether you are alert enough to see it, courageous to seize it and prepared enough to work on it.

First of all, let’s explore different type of opportunities.

– Job related: Where there is an open door to showcase your skills, a new position opening up, a new project where you can jump in.

– Business related: Perhaps a new business idea, a new…

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