What Is A Pilgrim? #Feature by Earth Pilgrim

For Peace and Progress

The word “pilgrim” is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as: someone who travels to a holy place.

In other words, a pilgrim is a person who is on a journey with their eyes fixed on something that is born of truth. Although a pilgrim is one who wanders, they do not wander aimlessly. A pilgrim wanders with a deep purpose and vision of walking with simplicity to share the truth which produces freedom, love, peace, understanding and generosity.

“I am a pilgrim; a wanderer. A pilgrim is a wanderer with a purpose. A pilgrimage can be either to a place or for a thing and mine is for a thing. Mine is for peace.” – Peace Pilgrim

The essential lifestyle of a pilgrim is one which has simplified itself to need level. In a world which has become so focused on materialism and possessing wants, often above needs, a pilgrim arises to…

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