You found me, Fallen and Unaware #Poem by Psychologistmimi


I stand here, humbled, alone and contemplative.

My head is bowed before your majesty

hoping to find peace.

You found me, lost and unsure.
You found me, wandering searching for a hero.
You found me, fallen and unaware.

I stand here, head bowed and begging.

Don’t throw me back onto the mountaintops.
Don’t drown me into the deeply held sorrow.
Don’t judge me for I have indeed failed you all.

I am ready to fall deep into the crevice.
I am ready to fall into a deep sleep.

I am ready to fall and get back up.

I am set to clear my mind.

I am set to erase my footprints

I am set to cleanse my palette

The darkness has not won

The serenity has not won

The void has not won

I seek a clean slate

I seek a straight footing

I seek a thunderous path

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He looked…

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