The Linestrider Tarot – #Review by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper

Earlier this week I treated myself to The Linestrider Tarot via Amazon. As a tarot lover I enjoy changing my deck periodically as ‘I find’ it helps to rejuvenate tired patterns.


Something about the illustrations compelled me to choose this pack of cards. I’m not disappointed. They’re just stunning. So feminine … delicate yet precise, with intuitive deliverance. Combing nature with astrology/numerology. Each card has a selection of plants and herbs that relate – making these great for paganistic and Wicca ways too.


I love the minimalist layout i.e, white background – the reverse being a power blue die splash effect. The cards are smaller than many modern day packs. I like this concept. For me this makes readings more seamless – less clumsy. Many decks being thick and rigid.

The cards are great quality. Each full of symbols, connectives, being abstract yet poignant.

With tarot, we’re drawn to packs…

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