🐶The Statue of Hachiko🐶 by Sheryl #Japan #Feature

Thoughts of SheryL

I can’t recall how and when I came across the remarkable story of the famous devoted man’s best friend named, Hachiko. In fact, the said story made its way to the big screen. When everybody went crazy about it, there I was blissfully ignorant about it. I kind of took it for granted since I thought of myself as a non-pet lover. “Nah! Not my thing!”, said myself. Years had passed and by the time I moved in to Japan, I would unexpectedly be reminded of Hachiko. I knew that it happened somewhere in Japan. And yes, the hubby confirmed that it took place in Shibuya. At first, I didn’t bother to ask him to take me there. I felt something was missing.

One idle afternoon, I found myself a place on the couch and held the remote control. Turned the TV on and opted for Netflix. Luckily…

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