Minecraft Steve and the Lost City #ShortStory


The torch gave Steve a much needed but dim light, stepping forward he could only see a little way ahead. at first he could see nothing but darkness ahead, but after what seemed like forever he could finally see a shape ahead. Steve walked a few steps nearer and out of the darkness a pure white marble block appears, sculpted into an ornate head with a crown on it’s head.

“This must be the head of a king or ruler here!” Steve thought to himself. He looked back and the entry to the tunnel was now tiny and dimly lit.

“Have you found anything Steve?” he heard Preeta calling, his voice was faint but he could hear his question.

“Yes, I have!” Steve called back “I haven’t found the key yet!”

“Keep looking Steve- it’s there!”

Looking round the head Steve saw nothing, standing next it he looked round the room and…

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