ROADKILL by Ron #Feature #Poetry

The Time Tunnel


Over the years, while travelling the country roads and back roads of southwest Georgia, I’ve often taken notice of the frequency of dead animals along the side of the road. These unfortunate animals are what are commonly known “down south” as “roadkill”. The meaning of the term is fairly evident; it describes both the current state of the dead animal’s carcass and the method by which it arrived at this state; killed by the side of the road. I wrote a poem about it. You want to hear it? Here it goes.


The roadkill lies by the side of the road;

lifeless and bloated, hardly recognizable.

In the middle of summer, under the summer sun.

Was it an armadillo; a rabbit; a squirrel or an Opossum?

In its present state one would hardly know.

But, that hardly matters to the shiny black crow.

The bald-headed buzzard circles, they couldn’t care less;

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