‘The Burden of Pilgrims’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

The spiritual path. Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed. Life will teach you through consecutive lessons. Difficult practice. You will be taken for granted. See much hardship. You will carry their pain.

Maybe those around you will consider you different, unusual, a freak.

You will be excluded, laughed at – at times frowned upon.

Many will let you down. Your ideas will be exploited and for your journey you’ll not have wealth as the greedy know it.  For wealth cannot be measured on this earthly plain.

You will see suffering, you will touch pain and become wet with the blood of others.

Those you love most will hurt you, time and time again. You’ll seldom get thanks.

You’ll feel unnoticed, shunned and excluded for much of your life on Earth.

Yet … you will ‘never’ feel alone. For you know, you are loved. Loved by the divine. Continually, abundantly. Showing you ways only you can hear. A path, a journey. Your work will unfold before you. The stronger your faith. The more pain – it will be cold, lonely and at times you’ll feel in despair.

This is the path of a light worker. You’ll know when you’re on it as no matter how tough things get, you’ll love deeply. You will love, love, love. Knowing that for all you do – there will be signs to guide you.

Trust nobody – There is no need. Rely only upon yourself and love unconditionally. The hardest part – to love those who wish you harm. Who mean you no well and enjoy your hardship as their glory. For they are the ones that need you most.

Your faith will be challenged, tested many, many times. Even as you sleep …

Walk, walk, walk and never stop – never stop your journey. Surround your heart with love. Nature, the sky, moon your closest allies. The animal kingdom are your brothers and sisters. We are one with them. We are one with all. Oneness. Be near, distant or of forgotten time. All is one. Life is a lesson. Learn it well. Love unconditionally, never, stop loving.

So for all pilgrims, be thankful to be awake. Be thankful to defy ignorance, greed, arrogance and pride. Be thankful to walk without shoes. After all, the greatest prophets of our time were never scholars.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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