‘My Bad…Sorry Dad’ by a Friend


You should have grabbed my hairs before dad…I could have realized the better path for the life instead. 🙃

You should have told me that I am breaking your heart bad…I could have stopped following my heart instead.💔

You should have slapped me before dad!..I could have stumbled but kept my feet ahead.😓

You should have never let me free like you always had…I could have understood freedom is not for me-my bad!😶

You shouldn’t have fulfilled all my wishes and make my dreams come to reality dad…I could have tried to realize life is not what I want it to be and had my heart killed instead.🙃

You should have cried before because of me dad…I could have tried not to be the reason of your tears from then instead.🤐

At least you should have explained me what you think of me before…

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