Tired, weekend lots of fun though. Trying to catch up. Plus a bit about David Walliams. #diary and #video

Tiffany Belle Harper

Hello – feel shattered today. Drove my father into Redditch. To kill time, went to a pub to use WiFi. It didn’t work – this was after I’d spent almost £10 on a sandwich – cup of tea and soft drink. It was the Washford Mill. Nice place though. Staff friendly. Although they weren’t overly bothered at me flapping about o2 wiFi which I found very disappointing.

Pub to myself as below.


I had a great weekend. Got a couple of videos to make for Elegant Hippy UK. Also going to do a feature about David Walliams. What a great person he is! So inspiring and not an ounce of ego or bravado about him. I did a short video about the event but it’s more arty than informative as I forgot my ‘main’ camera so used the software on my Olympus Pen. Most of it came…

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