Awareness for the future is within all of us

Tiffany Belle Harper

The energy frequencies are very powerful at the moment as transcendental shifts are taking place. Although the world seems like a horrible place, there are many more doing good work than we can ever know.

The grass roots people are abundant – coming together in love as one across all nations and belief systems. Knowing that infinite duty to our planet is of paramount importance.

We may often ask ourselves why are we unheard. Yet we are not. We are all making our blue-prints. We should not be intimidated or effected by mainstream prejudice. Instead we should follow our instincts. There are some beautiful people who are assuming more prolific roles in our system that will endeavour to do what is right for humanity as opposed to themselves.

There is no room or space for greed – ego or hate.

We should never fear our voice. Our sensories that are…

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