‘The girl in the cotton gown’

The Nester©

The moonlight caught her breast as she sat near the window in a white cotton gown – adorned with the softest lace. Her child nourished, content … all silent, apart from the distant sound of fish oxidating from the surface of the pond, then, the feint rustle of fern trees and branches creaking, gently in the breeze – just after sunset. It was as though they were dancing for her …

She sent love to the stars whilst her child slept softly, still, in her arms … rocking, gently, slowly. A majestic vision of empathy and inclusion for all, reflected in her eyes as she gazed at the meadow, curvy hill tops and pastel clouds before her.

Candles burn incense- ‘essence of history’ – entwined in light, as shadows on the bare brick wall danced for the night, inspiring her dreams for tomorrow. For every flicker belonged to her, she…

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