The Road to Freedom – #DogBus Project – Dogs, Cats and animals facing death in shelters UK.

Tiffany Belle Harper

The DogBus Project founded by Kristyn Adams is an appeal to raise funds for its first pet transportation that can hold up to 30 crates that will transport animals from kill shelters around the UK to safety. The DogBus can also be used for general hire by ALL rescues and pet transportation services in the UK.


It will save time – fuel and most importantly the lives of animals. I am going to be trustee to the charity that is currently in it’s early stages.

Kristyn Adams has built a reputable reputation in the animal welfare and rescue circuits, covering many years of commitment to rescue as a volunteer. Kristyn drives up and down the country using her own car assisting rescues with pick ups and drop offs. She also helps re-home primarily dogs and is a volunteer for a local dog charity in Coventry.

In addition to this she…

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