The sisterhood and 8th dimensional elevation – don’t get left behind.

The Nester©

Today I am insightful. There are shifts in the sisterhood where women are becoming divided by ego. We must stand together – as one. The feminine to include transgender – all feminine traits in the male character.

We must be strong – stand up – to not be silenced by hatred and jealousy. There are two distinct types of women forming. They are fighting one another – fighting themselves.

The sisterhood is for all women to unite with love, for humanity and salvation. We unite with peacefulness, rest, prayer and/or meditation. We trust in our ‘self.’ We are strong, we are rich with the blood of all that is divine. We are here to heal, to teach, to learn.

We are here to suffer, to be taught invaluable lessons so that we may grow in charity and giving. We are love.

There is hate, there is woe, there is injustice…

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