gallery I’ve made a nest … #contemplative Just moving on really. Feels good #butterfly

The Nester

I’ve created a space without distraction to write. There’s no internet. I’ve got my laptop and a radio. Even changed my music choice to ‘Smooth FM.’ It’s my nest in the middle of nowhere. A little rustic office.

I’ve been contemplative.

I believe that when we engage it is important to be amongst like-minded. And for me that is a positive mix of all types. I never predetermine how a person should think, vote or what their spiritual preference is. To me like-minded is simply to feel comfortable around people regardless of their own views. I never agree to keep the peace, I think some ‘healthy’ debate is necessary in order to learn. Yet there has to be respect of difference where you can love a person just as much for not agreeing with everything you do or say!

Opposites attract provided we have the same values. To be of…

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