She Could – Writing … Deepness #Diary #Inspirational

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Been catching up with Yorkshire. I’m very different when I’m here. Susceptible to energy – the elements. I’ve been cutting back on many past times – focusing on writing. We get used to Social Media which is instant, but, sometimes we have to slow down and exercise patience. I struggle with this as I am dreadfully impulsive. I have wonderful ideas (or so they seem …) Then next day I wonder, ‘what the hell did I think that for.’ It’s a Gemini trait – we can often be troubled souls.

So, I’m focusing on my book which goes from childhood tales to recent years where I’m talking to Foley. It’s coming together. But, it’s so painful. It’s brought it home that pets are so important to our well-being. They never wish us harm or ill intent. They love as we love them. Want little by return other than fresh air…

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