The Story of PuppyDoc. (lovely lady …)

Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry

Once upon a time in a land far away (ie. Taiwan), there existed a smallish girl named Phoebe…
 phoebe chi
…who, in the 1980’s, was born into a family…complete with a mom, a dad, and a pet gibbon.
From an early age, Phoebe adored animals, therefore, when she grew up and went to university, she decided to become a purple kangaroo for the patients at the children’s hospital.
Phoebe soon realized something: she loved to help people. Eventually, this realization led her to start traveling the world, for long periods of time, to do volunteer work.
Of all the places, Phoebe worked in Africathe longest…namely, in the lands of West Africa and Madagascar.
On the island of Madagascar, Phoebe was known for befriending a lonely stray lemur named Buddy…
…with whom she would share her cactus fruit every morning.
There, she lived in a small village with a sweet family of 20 vibrant sisters…all of…

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