The Least Impressive Quest In History by #PorterGirl

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

The site of the cave that supposedly once served the Knights Templar as a secret meeting place is but a short drive from Old College. The instructions provided by the Old Library records were not dreadfully clear – not to mention being several centuries out of date – but I am sure a bit of purposeful wandering will turn up something or other. With any luck, a café or cake shop. Breakfast feels like ages ago.

“The people here are funny-looking,” remarks Professor Duke, rather too loudly. “There’s not a smart hat to be seen, you know—and it’s a bit of a wonder..”

Walking down the High Street, it is clear that we are no longer in The City. But then, it is that awkward time of day where those with anything useful to do are already at it and those lacking direction are still in bed. Small, slow-moving tribes…

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