Applause for the Good Folk – Moon Channelling #diary #video Insights for all.

Tiffany Belle Harper

I’m in my zone but behind with some writing. The moon has been ecstatic. I’ve been dwelling beneath the glow most nights. Wow! I’m so awake. I think not having the internet or my phone has been beneficial out here as it’s created space for me to enjoy ‘self.’ This life here on Earth is so short for us all. We have to do what is right. To follow our hearts but not with impulse but more guidance from the divine as we embrace the many journeys of infinite consciousness.

Still writing book. It’s been really difficult at times but so extremely soul searching. It’s very much about the now not the destination. Small steps … I don’t even want to publish it under my own name as I am not in it to win it etc. It’s to raise money for animals not my name. I like to be…

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