Be Real – Be Yourself the rest follows #Politics #Lies #FemaleEgo

The Nester©

Have a good week all. Stand in your power. Don’t give in to expectations where you tweak your true ‘self’ to please others. You don’t have to do that. Be honest – guided by love and know tonight you will sleep without conscience.

We’re not here to mislead others, tell lies or use false dogma to gain medals and rewards. To give ultimatums laced with self indulgent tactics. It achieves absolutely nothing. Keep it real – simple. Less is More.

Want to let off steam about Theresa May – UK Prime Minister but what’s the point blowing on a situation based on utter lies. I’ll bide my time. Women need to protect one another not hide behind male ego to shine in the most plastic of fashion. Disgusts me.

Women and men should support one another not use the feminine ‘gift of life’ as glove puppet format. She’s heading the UK…

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